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To be Profiled by VOWS

VOWS profiles bridal retailers who have a minimum 10-year history of success, community involvement, and customer service. We profile small couture stores, large regional stores, and everything in between.

To be considered for a VOWS profile, please complete the form below, and tell us a little bit about you and your store!

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To be Profiled by VOWS

Monica's Bridal...Gut Feelings and Gorgeous Gowns

Chattanooga boutique thrives with clarity, confidence and a complementary team.

Monica's Bridal...Gut Feelings and Gorgeous Gowns

Owners of the building and The Ultimate, Fawn Merlino and Heather Siegel, in the middle of the 10,000-sq-ft store filled with more than 20,000 dresses.

The Ultimate...Thriving Through Transformation

The Ultimate. . . Peabody, Mass. boutique excels for 54+ years by embracing change. 

The Ultimate...Thriving Through Transformation

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