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Shannon Hurd, Editor in Chief, oversees the editorial staff, content and direction of VOWS and its platforms. She often writes on the intersection of business and life. 

FAQs and Other Things

Fun Projects on the horizon!


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Me (second from R) at 16 ready for prom with Dave and friends.

Prom Memories

Excellent service never goes out of style.


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Compensation Survey Notes

Statistics provide framework but consistent themes are most telling.

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Confessions of a Rack Queen

After a lifetime of being labeled "not good enough" the body positivity movement feels like a breath of fresh air.

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Rapid Response Program Debuts

Our mission: respond to any online story that misrepresents the industry

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Fun Facts About Negative Reviews

They add credibility and can even enhance your conversion rate!

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The Importance of Being Present

Focus exclusively on the moment
to get the best results.

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Love and Loyalty

What’s more important:
Warm, friendly people or some very cool features?

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