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Cancel Culture and Bridal... Prep for Inevitable

It is no longer enough to carefully parse our words in every email, blog post or Facebook update….We must also have a well-thought out PR crisis action plan

5 Reminders to Prep for Coming Season

2021 is projected to be a huge bridal year... to best assist this surge of new and excited brides, here are five essential tasks to tackle now...

Morilee s Bridal Boutique merchandising display

Morilee boutique-in-boutique program receives early acceptance

The upscale, customizable bridal merchandising display program, available to a limited number of stores, has been well received

Eddy Kestenband, founder of bridal house Eddy K Italia, and Addy Kestenband, second generation, President

Addy Kestenband, Eddy K, optimistic about Post-Covid

Addy KestenbandEddyK Bridal, sees positive aspects resulting from COVID

Mary Nguyen, Bridal Collective CEO

Mary Nguyen, Bridal Collective, discusses COVID impact on Design

Mary Nguyen, Bridal Collective, sees bridal trends of versatility and romance due to COVID

Tania Olsen, designer and founder of Tania Olsen Designs

Tania Olsen identifies trends; describes impact on her collections

Tania OlsenTania Olsen Designs, points out trends in what brides are looking for, and comments on its impact of her collections

Julie Levitt, VP, Marionat

Marionat's Levitt suggests accessories key for today's bridal experience

Julie Levitt, Marionat, suggests that brides still want to feel like a bride, and accessories are critical to complete their vision especially now abruptly closes; cites COVID as cause ceases operations and closes its five corporate stores, impacting approximately 3,500+ maids and brides 

Valerie Chin, Creative Director; Stephanie Chin, Operations Director Moonlight Bridal

Moonlight Bridal's team sees industry as well suited to adapt

Moonlight Bridal's Valerie Chin, Creative Director and Stephanie Chin, Operations Director, suggest that bridal is well suited to adapt to changes in brides, marketplace and industry, and quite capable of answering the challenge.

Madeline Gardner, Morilee Creative Director and VP of design

Madeline Gardner, Morilee creative director, on Covid's impact on design

Morilee creative director Madeline Gardner, offers encouragement and insights on Covid's impact on bridal

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