Meet the Vows Staff

VOWS Magazine writers are talented and respected in the fields of journalism and creative writing, and have contributed for a number of years, and include:

Shannon Hurd, Managing Editor, Vows Magazine

Shannon, Editor in Chief

Shannon oversees the editorial content and direction of VOWS and its platforms. Shannon@vowsmagazine.com

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Peter Grimes, Publisher, Founder, VOWS magazine.

Peter Grimes, Publisher

peter@vowsmagazine.com twitter.com/vowsinsider

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Amanda Baltazar, Contributing Writer

Based on an island in the Pacific Northwest, Amanda Baltazar writes about bridal retail, restaurants and bars.

amanda@vowsmagazine.com  Web: www.chaterink.com

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Libby Basile, Contributing Writer

Libby Basile began writing for VOWS in early 2012, but her first editorial gig was for Modern Bride back in 2005.


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Allison Deerr, Contributing Writer

Allison Deerr has contributed to VOWS since its first issue, October 1989, and continues to cover the day to day operations of bridal salons.


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Denise Keller

Denise Keller, Contributing Writer

Denise Keller has been writing for VOWS since the spring of 2005.


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Maura Keller, Contributing Writer

Minneapolis-based writer and editor Maura Keller has written for VOWS for nearly 10 years.


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Katie Roberts, contributing editor

Katie Roberts, Contributing Writer

Katie Roberts is past Managing Editor for VOWS, and has been writing, editing and contributing for 15-plus years.

katie@vowsmagazine.com Twitter: @HoodRiverWriter

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Daniel P. Smith, long time contributing writer to VOWS magazine.

Daniel P. Smith, Contributing Writer

An award-winning business journalist, Daniel P. Smith has been writing for VOWS since 2009.


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Karon Warren, Contributing Writer

A well-published freelance writer, Karon Warren has covered everything from interviewing American Idol finalists and NASCAR drivers to profiling hot travel destinations and the latest wedding and retail trends, plus everything in between.

karon@vowsmagazine.com Twitter: @KaronWarren

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Consultant Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence, Contributing Columnist

Veteran wedding business consultant

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