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The following features have been published within VOWS magazine within this past year, and are available here as each story is very topical and of continued interest to our subscribers.
Please note that not every story published in VOWS is available on line. 

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Perfecting Prom Merchandising

Five ways to make your sales floor prom ready.


How savvy retailers are capitalizing on the elaborate prom invitations trend.

The Right Way to Set Sales Goals

It involves more than just putting a gold star on a chart.

Controlling Cash

Keep money in your pocket
with 17 smart financial strategies.

Social Media Overload

#TheStruggleIsReal. Five ways to combat it.

Should You Snapchat?

It makes sense if you’re selling to a certain demographic.

Fun Bridal Facts

Wow your customers and
entertain yourself with some amazing knowledge!

13 Creative Ways to Display Wedding-Party Attire

Yes... bridal takes front and center
but showcasing other categories is important too.

2016 Bridal Trends

Twelve looks brides will be longing for this fall.

Personal Connections in the Digital Age

Four strategies for cultivating meaningful customer relationships.

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