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Shannon Hurd, Editor in Chief, oversees the editorial staff, content and direction of VOWS and its platforms. She often writes on the intersection of business and life. 

Connecting via Social Media

Fancy bells and whistles are fine
but simple conversation wins every time.

Shannon Hurd at 2017 Rockies Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Return to Rockies Fantasy Camp

How to hook a repeat customer in three easy steps.

Creating a Holiday to Promote an Event

National Bridal Sale Day could be the start of something great!

Customer Service Fail

One bad experience can create a word-of-mouth ripple effect.

Me (right) pictured with my dad (next to me) and other team members at Rockies Fantasy Camp in Arizona. In case you’re wondering, I’m already training for next year!

Business Lessons From an MLB Fantasy Camp

For five days I was a Colorado Rockie.
Here’s what that taught me…

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