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Toxic Transactions

Retail rudeness is becoming an epidemic;
what can you do about it?

Lighting and design combine for eye-pleasing bridal viewing areas at Gateway Bridal and Prom in Salt Lake City. Photo credit: Rebekah Westover

Common Sense

Engage brides’ five senses to elevate the shopping experience.

Not Your Father's Toolbox

Six new artificial intelligence tools
that could shape your bridal business.

Dressed to Impress

The pros and cons of enforcing an employee dress code.

Changing Face of Retail

The landscape is shifting but bridal salons
are better positioned than most.

Spread the Word

Four tips to transform your customers into word-of-mouth champions.

YouTube: Ten Free Uses For Bridal Shops

Goodbye big advertising budget, hello YouTube channel!

Bridal Business Building Blocks

Laying a foundation for long-term success
begins with these eight must-have elements.

Small Business Saturday Returns

Ten quick and easy ideas for getting involved.

The Right Way to Set Sales Goals

It involves more than just putting a gold star on a chart.

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