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Sample letter urging changes in De Minimis value for China Direct packages 


Dear Honorable (name),

As a leader in the Bridal Industry consisting of over 6,400+ retail, wholesale, and manufacturing businesses across America, I am writing to express my deep concerns about a growing problem that is destroying not only this industry, but also the overall U.S. Economy, U.S. Brands and Retailers.

Labeled “China Direct”, Chinese manufacturers are exploiting Section 321 De Minimis Entry value of $800 USD to deliver deeply discounted products that are often sub-par in quality, counterfeit in origin, and burdened with restrictive return provisions. And do so duty and local tax free.

As an American-owned business, I am affiliated with vendors that produce responsibly with Chinese partners, work tirelessly to build decades-long relationships, conduct business with honesty and integrity, and serve our customers by delivering high quality garments.

Conversely, China Direct shipments are often low-cost and low-quality merchandise that cannot be returned. Amid global recession fears and the 15% tariff increase on Chinese imports which took effect on 9/1/2019, U.S. bridal stores and manufacturers are under intense pressure, and the communities and consumers we support are in jeopardy of losing us as an industry.

In the face of such unfair advantages, small businesses are struggling to maintain quality, inventory and the employment of hundreds of thousands of Americans who provide services daily to millions of wedding couples (2.2 million weddings in 2018).

Our 72+ billion-dollar industry is severely compromised by import duty loopholes. Every year, hundreds of thousands of products from China are delivered directly to U.S. consumers. These goods enter our country without paying duties or state and local taxes due to the De Minimis Value Exemption. As a result, domestic businesses are penalized and losing sales for competing and advancing higher industry standards that protect the American consumer.

The U.S. De Minimis threshold that empowers China Direct must be removed or brought to parity with the current $7 Chinese De Minimis to stop the imminent decline of not only the bridal industry, but the U.S. Retail industry overall.

More than 2,500 manufacturers and retailers have already signed a petition in support of balancing the scales between the US and China.

Senator/Representative XXXXXX, I urge you to continue to make this issue a priority and support US-owned businesses.



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