The beginning of a New Year brings with it the opportunity to roll out changes. For 2022 I’m excited to announce an increased focus on our social-media presence, including interactive giveaways, boutique visits, video content and more!
   As a largely print-based product, it’s been challenging to determine how best to incorporate digital elements into our presentation. We offer a digital issue to complement every physical magazine but the question has remained: what content is best suited for our social-media presence?
   As the New Year rolls out I am taking the lead with that and wanted to share what you can expect:

• Frequent posts. On both Facebook and Instagram, we hope to spark lots of interesting discussion, share helpful information and engage with our followers regularly!

• Constant Instagram Stories. We’ll have our eye out for anything you’re posting that’s share-worthy: cool displays, unique tips, in-store awesomeness. Don’t forget to tag us in your Stories for a potentional share (@vowsmagazine)!

• More videos. We plan to share bonus content in the form of video. We hope this helps you get to know our writers better and provides deeper insight into topics of interest!

• Giveaways. At the beginning of every month we’ll ask a contest question on Facebook. For the chance to win $50, all you have to do is answer! Winners will be picked randomly! (Congratulations to our December 2021 winner Carolyn Taylor!)

• Store visits. We have writers all over the nation. . . so don’t be surprised if one of them contacts you and invites you to join them for lunch or a coffee chat! And when they’re out on the town they’ll have cameras ready to snap photos of any share-worthy displays or other ideas they find interesting!

    Basically, we’re going to have a blast while enriching the variety of content we provide to you.
    So please make sure you’re following both of our sites so you don’t miss out on the fun!

FACEBOOK: @vowsmagazine

INSTAGRAM: @vowsmagazine