Wedding Realm, a new model of online wedding planning platform, is making waves in the industry by connecting engaged couples with vendors in a groundbreaking way. This platform is poised to reshape how couples plan their dream weddings, offering unprecedented features and benefits to connect wedding couples with their preferred vendors.

Wedding Realm's distinct features:

1. Instant Pricing: Wedding Realm reimagines the way engaged couples explore wedding services by providing them with instant pricing on their selected services. No more waiting for quotes – couples can now access transparent pricing right from the start.

2. Cost Savings: With a dedication to affordability, Wedding Realm ensures that vendor bids consistently fall within its price range, which is always more competitive than the industry standard. Couples can confidently plan their weddings, knowing they are getting excellent value.

3. Real Customer Orders & Serious Customers: Wedding Realm stands apart by sending real customer orders to vendors, ensuring meaningful connections. Engaged couples benefit from me and cost savings, while vendors connect with serious customers who have placed deposits, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. This symbiotic relationship propels businesses forward and empowers couples to achieve their dream weddings.

4. Vendor Empowerment: Vendors play an active role by determining their pricing within the Wedding Realm price range. They can con dently bid on real customer orders, showcasing their offerings and expertise

Based in the heart of New Haven,Connecticut, Wedding Realm has its roots firmly planted in the community. According to Ide Ehigiato, President, and CEO of Wedding Realm, “our tagline - Visualize And Achieve Your Dream Wedding Or Wedding Business encapsulates the spirit of our company! It echoes our commitment to turning visions into reality, whether it is the dream wedding couples have envisioned, or the expansion of wedding businesses."

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