With Bridal markets, both domestic and international cancelled or postponed, manufacturers and designers are setting up virtual showrooms, and scheduling Facebook Live events and live streaming video fashion shows to showcase Fall collections.

Most will be in place within a week... so check with your resources for details.

Whatever your Fall buy, it should still be in play. And if, for example, that means making your decision based on photographs instead of experiencing the gowns and accessories first hand, then so be it. You already know the quality you can expect from your resources.

With President Trump's national emergency declaration over the COVID-19 outbreak, legislation rushing through Congress to assist businesses, families and individuals affected, and the SBA now providing low interest loans to businesses in affected zones... it's too easy to get caught up in the panic and uncertainty... especially when we see long lines of shoppers waiting to get into stores with emptying shelves, and major sporting events and leagues shutting down.

In these trying times, we must continue to be leaders for our staffs, brides and industry: alert, prepared without over-reacting and panicking over worse case scenarios. We need to continue the same mutual support we've shown one another as we've worked through tariffs and months of factory disruptions.

I can't advise you on whether your store should remain open through this period, but regardless I do suggest that we need to communicate with brides the steps taken within our stores regarding COVID_19... with positive wording such as:


The health, safety and well-being of our staff, their family members and our brides is of primary importance to us, and we want to reassure you that we are following all the policies recommended by the CDC and other health authorities to do so.

Our entire store, including the reception area and dressing rooms, is sanitized several times a day, including all surfaces, doorknobs, counters, telephones, computers, etc.

We do ask that if you are feeling sick or showing any symptoms of upper respiratory illness, or have been in contact with someone known to be infected with COVID-19, please call us and we will happily re-schedule your appointment to a mutually convenient time.


Importantly... we must remain calm. The Navy Seals have a maxim that is applicable here and for us: "Calm is Contagious"... more so than the virus.

And we're available to chat about any of this:

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Or by phone: 949 388 4848