We sent a nine-question survey to nearly 5,000 bridal boutiques, with the vast majority located in North America, and very limited participation by the UK and Australia. As of 5/18 we had received 472 responses.

Though not every respondent answered every question, we did receive considerable response to each to provide insights into how stores are preparing to and/or operating through this time of Pandemic.

Additionally, due to space restrictions, we can only present eight comments out of 184 to question 7; eight comments out of 161 for question 8, and eight comments out of 249 for question 9.

If you'd like the complete list of comments, please email your request to info@vowsmagazine.com

Conclusions as per charts below:

-Many of the COVID-19 customer services will be continued long term;

-The majority of boutiques are appointment only;

-The full range of store operations are being put in place, including extended hours, split shifts, sample sales

-The majority of boutiques are changing how they interact with the bride in the dressing room

Conclusions from comments to questions asking what surprised and disappointed in reopening, and what comments about moving forward:

“COVID fatigue” is real: owners are surprised by the number of brides who want to shop normally like nothing is/was wrong. Generally speaking, these customers are excited to be in the store focusing on their weddings and refuse to bring up the virus. They also aren’t nearly as concerned about/interested in enhanced safety protocols as many assumed they’d be. “90 percent don’t care at all,” one respondent wrote.

The mask issue is divisive: while brides have generally been supportive and understanding of safety requirements, quite a few have pushed back on the idea of wearing a mask; some refuse altogether. And Stylists have also had a difficult time adjusting to facial coverings, because it’s harder to read the bride’s expression during the appointment and also because they fatigue more quickly on the salesfloor.

Traffic is down, buying is up! While boutiques have fewer overall appointments available due to capacity mandates, they’re filling up quickly and brides are saying “yes” to the dress more frequently.

 Not surprisingly, Politics are frustrating people…Not only do some find particular city/county safety guidelines (or lack thereof) confusing, but there is a noticeable anger at the way small businesses have been treated and also at the handling of some states’ reopenings.

 …as is unemployment: A number of owners reported difficulty luring their staffs back, as the reality is many are making more on unemployment given the COVD-inspired $600/week bonus currently scheduled to end in July.

Not all COVID-inspired changes are bad: In particular, stores are enthusiastic over the mandated smaller appointment groups, and grateful at receiving widespread community appreciation/support for local businesses.

Concerns and fears linger: Among other things, you’re worried about how quickly business might rebound; when restrictions on gathering size might ease; how buying and minimums will be handled moving forward; and what would happen should a dreaded “second wave” appear.


Note: the bottom of each of the following charts shows the number of answers and the number that skipped .


Note: only eight out of 184 comments are shown. For a complete list email info@vowsmagazine.com

Note: only eight out of 161 comments are shown. For a complete list email info@vowsmagazine.com

Note: only eight out of 249 comments are shown. For a complete list email info@vowsmagazine.com