It is a topic I touched on previously, and one that bears repeating. . .
   In this day and age, amazing service seems to be a lost art form in many industries. Never has this been clearer to me than of late, as I am forced - after my vehicle was finally totaled 65+ days following an accident - to search for a new car.
   To say this has been a frustrating process would be putting it mildly. The market is crazy, product is scarce and people (for the most part) know they don’t have to work for the sale and/or have very little interest in doing so. Frankly, it’s disheartening. Of the ten dealerships I have visited thus far, I received what I consider to be amazing service at exactly one of them. Most were just do the bare minimum – nothing to write home about, but nothing worth getting the manager involved either. A couple were actually bad – disinterested, distracted, disengaged and it showed.
   I bring this up because, in my observation at least, service like this has become the norm. Each time I go somewhere I feel like long waits, short tempers, missing products and lack of attentiveness are what greets me. It’s so common you become conditioned to it. So when you do happen to stumble across amazing service – which happens occasionally – it feels extra-special, like a breath of fresh air.
   I truly believe this situation in general is to your advantage. Your entire business model revolves around providing spectacular service each and every step of the way. You’re a rock star at it, but people aren’t used to being treated this way in general so when they are it is extra memorable.
   Each and every time a bride enters your boutique, it is a chance to win brand loyalty and create an awesome impression simply by doing what you’ve always done, maybe even kicking things up a notch.
   In the March/April 2023 issue, we have a story about ways you can make already special private appointments even more extraordinary (pg. 80). But even if it’s just the daily basics we’re talking about, never lose sight of how powerful the simple things like a friendly tone, warm smile, interested look and engaged conversation can be – especially right now.