My brother got married on June 12, 2021 – exactly one month prior to my writing this.
    Overall, it was a spectacular event. I could tell you all about the gorgeous venue (a picturesque all-brick Catholic church with a large center aisle and stained-glass windows); the attire (all purchased from independent boutiques, the bridal party in a color-coordinated mix of styles and designers); and the funniest moment (My four-year-old niece yelled out in the middle of the dead-silent church while the pastor was reciting the vows, “Emmy (her 8-year-old sister) stole my flower basket! She’s evil!”)
    But some version of these takes place in almost every wedding, and while the event was amazing, what stands out in my mind 30 days later are the tiny unique details.
    My brother and his now wife, Tara, own two Golden Retrievers, Griffey and Aisha. They are huge dog people, and they found creative ways to integrate this theme throughout their wedding. Their cake was my favorite – it was a very simple three-tier white cake with minimal anything except two golden retriever figurines in the corner looking like they had just sampled a few bites. The open bar had dog-themed drink specials. And the dessert bags, set on a self-serve cookie table with a sign saying “Treat yo’self – the dogs”, showcased pictures of them. These tiny details were among the least expensive in the entire wedding but the most memorable. Why? Because it showcased their personality and “brand” if you will.
    This same concept applies to boutiques. The things people remember about you are those little touches that put your personal spin on something. Everyone expects a shopping experience to be nice, staff to be knowledgeable and helpful, and products to be high-quality. These things almost get taken for granted. To really stand out you need something unique or fun that people immediately associate with your store. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be memorable. Maybe it’s a fun photo wall, or cool welcome gift, or the way you incorporate your own passion throughout the store - whatever it is, it brings delight to customers and it’s what they will always remember and tell others about your brand.