You own a bridal salon, and your goal is to be as successful in that endeavor as you can possibly be.
    To that end, you work hard: buying smartly, hiring strategically, training regularly and selling passionately, along with countless other tasks all aimed at making your business top notch.
    But do you also regularly take care of yourself?
    Below are three simple tasks to ensure mental and physical health. After all, as the old – but very true – cliché states: “Take care of yourself first or you will have nothing left to give others.”

1. Start each day with a glass of water. This simple, cost-free step carries tons of benefits. Proper hydration is not only good for your body (improved cardiovascular health, supple skin and toxin removal are just a few of the perks), but it boosts your brainpower as well.
    Studies have found that mild dehydration – as little as 1 to 2 percent – causes a decrease in cognitive function; it’s also responsible for as much as a 12 percent decrease in productivity. On the flip side, being properly hydrated energizes you, improves mood and helps you think more clearly.
    Not only is it a good idea to start your day off with a glass of water, but it’s important to sip H2O regularly throughout the day as well. Ideally, go for the filtered kind; tap water, while better than nothing, may contain certain potentially harmful pollutants.

For your staff: Consider investing in an ice and water dispenser for the break room, and/or providing everyone with a cute, custom water bottle. For an occasional treat, offer pitchers of infused water. Cucumbers, citrus fruits and various berries, as well as other herbs and spices, add natural, delicious, refreshing flavor to plain water. Coming up with a new “flavor of the week” might make a fun employee contest as well!

2. Get moving! Regular exercise is like a magic pill: it reduces stress; improves energy, mood, confidence and health; and gets the creative juices flowing. Some of the very best business ideas are formulated during a morning run or nighttime gym session; lingering business problems can be solved while sweating on the treadmill too.
    That said, it can be difficult to schedule structured gym visits when you’re busy. Fortunately, there are many other options to get your body moving that are just as effective: Keep mini trampolines, jump ropes or resistance bands in the break room and take a couple of ten-minute “body breaks” throughout the day. Opt for the stairs whenever possible and park your car across the parking lot. Even just replacing your desk chair with a medicine ball helps tone core muscles while you work.
    Whatever your preference, aim for a cumulative total of 30 minutes per day of some type of activity. Your body – and productivity – will thank you!

For your staff: Replace the occasional in-store staff meeting with a “walking meeting” where your employees lace up their sneakers and discusses business while circling the park. Or allow employees to take turns leading after-hours fitness “classes”, like yoga on the showroom floor. Another option is to give everyone fitness trackers and hold fun contests (i.e. most steps walked per week).
    Always keep things fun and light-hearted – no one wants to have fitness crammed down their throats – but provide ample opportunity for employees to get moving.

3. Schedule “me” time. This last one might sound counterintuitive, especially during busy times, but regularly stepping away from work to recharge is one of the best things you can do for yourself – and your business.
    Whether it’s reading a book, playing a sport, attending a play or indulging in any other passion, slipping into an alternative mindset and atmosphere is beneficial on many levels. It boosts productivity by allowing you to return to work with renewed energy and a fresh perspective. It introduces you to a different group of people and presents new networking opportunities. It may very well spark creative ideas that translate well to your bridal salon. Plus, indulging in passions boosts confidence and is fun!

For your staff: In addition to offering regular breaks during the workday, take the time to really get to know what each of your employees likes.  Then, instead of generic cash bonuses, tailor gifts toward that individual’s unique passion. This might mean gourmet cooking lessons for the budding chef, movie tickets for the film buff, a few months of paid gym membership for the fitness fanatic or any other gift that tells your employees you “get” them.