Ahhhhh, 2020!

In a year filled with stay-at-home orders and social-distancing mandates, it’s no surprise that social media played an increasingly large role in many peoples’ lives.

After all, when your favorite businesses and events are temporarily closed, and you’re resigned to communicating with family and friends through live streams and video chats, people tend to gravitate toward apps and sites that make that process easier.

Indeed, a May 2020 Harris Poll found that 51% of U.S. adults – 60% of those 18-34, 64% of those 35-49, and 34% of those 65 and up – reported increased usage across all social-media platforms since the outbreak began.

In bridal specifically, this shift online played out via the rise of virtual appointments, live streams, video chats, webinars and even markets as retailers and manufacturers rushed to adapt to the COVID marketplace.

Brides, too, spent even more time online, communicating, planning and shopping, and it altered both what they expect from you and the speed at which they expect it.

And although the lockdowns were only a temporary state, many digital habits formed during them will endure long past the point of evaporating restrictions. Moving forward, 2021 is expected to be a hybrid year: people will slowly return to the physical world they crave so desperately while at the same time continuing to embrace the technological aspects that saw them through the worst pandemic in modern history.

As such, new social-media strategies, trends and even products/services have popped up, combining the most positive aspects of both worlds to create our new reality. The following details some of the top trends that will dominate 2021, along with cutting-edge tips for each site and eight Golden Rules that should be practiced no matter which platform you’re on.

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