Sanna Lindström has formed a strategic alliance with The Justin Alexander Group to concentrate on optimizing business operations including production, distribution and service exclusively within the business-to- business realm. 

With his investment, a second round of funding for the German-based bridal fashion label, Justin Warshaw, CEO of Justin Alexander Bridal, will become a shareholder alongside Sanna Lindström and Simon Gincberg.

The previous funding round included investments by Robert Siebel, "The British Shop," Armin Fichtel, former CEO of the s.Oliver Group and Breuninger, and Matthias Köppe.

Warshaw, who developed the family-owned company founded in 1946 in New York into a globally operating bridal gown empire, is one of the industry’s most important designers.

“We are thrilled to have won Justin Warshaw, CEO of one of the leading players in the bridal fashion industry, for us. Justin has incredible expertise and a deep understanding of the industry. Moreover, his company, with more than 2,000 retailers located in around 60 countries, has a gigantic infrastructure that will significantly advance the internationalization process of the brand Sanna Lindström. The strategic partnership with Justin Alexander allows us to leverage their expertise, in the areas of sourcing, production, and service ", explains Simon Gincberg, co-founder and CEO of Sanna Lindström GmbH.

“We can't wait to present the newest collection to the industry at the European Bridal Week in April 2024,” he added. 

In commenting on the partnership, Warshaw added that “I met Sanna and Simon earlier this year, and I was inspired by what they have been able to establish in a relatively short time in the bridal industry. We are enthused to provide them support in our areas of strength including our production capabilities, wholesale experience, and distribution. Together, we look forward to continuing to drive Sanna Lindström's wholesale business forward with innovative solutions and exceptional customer service to the retail community! ”