Julie Sabatino, industry veteran and founder/owner of The Stylish Bride in New York, has created The Sample Size Solution, a kit of clips, bands and fabric developed to give store clients confidence and coverage when trying on wedding dresses that are either too big or small.

“The original idea was to provide a chic and seamless way for the bride to visualize how the dress would look on her when the sample was too small,” explained Sabatino.

“However, many stores also use the clips to bring in the dress when it’s too large. Either way, because they are covered in beautiful fabric, they blend in seamlessly with the dress. The consultants have been thrilled to have tools that make the experience better for the client.”

The Sample Size Solution consists of:

-Four large clamps and two small clamps covered in ivory fabric

-Two adjustable elastic bands that allow the dress to be fitted snugly on the body

-One 20” x 12” piece of ivory fabric to use in the back when the dress is too small providing coverage that allows her to step out of the dressing room with confidence.  

These pieces can be used separately or together and come in a beautiful gold zipper bag that can be hung in the dressing room.

For additional details, call 917 744-5085