Five New Year’s resolutions to make for your store

1. Marry your online and in-store experience

What it will do: Strengthen your brand. Every touchpoint, from your Facebook page to your stylists, impacts customers.

How to do it: Define your brand. Are you romantic? Modern? Upscale? Then make sure your website, social media, marketing materials and store all reflect the same message.

2. Take time off

What it will do: Allow you to relax and refresh while empowering staff.

How to do it: Put your most responsible employee in charge; leave written instructions and make sure she knows how to contact you in case of emergency. Daily, do something enjoyable as well. This could be as simple as drinking tea from your favorite mug.

3. Work on your business, not just in it

What it will do: Help you see the big picture and mitigate potential issues.

How to do it: Delegate jobs and schedule regular time for yourself to step off-site and reflect on the big picture.

4. Support your community

What it will do: Benefit others while giving you free marketing. Plus, you’ll feel great.

How to do it: Donate old inventory or a percentage of profits from a specific day; volunteer time. Consider partnering with another independent retailer to do this.

5. Invest in training

What it will do: Get everyone excited about their job again.

How to do it: Look into conferences, seminars or team-building opportunities that your staff can participate in.

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