Today’s reality is all too familiar to every segment in the Prom category: many stores are fully stocked with no space to hang any new dresses, can’t sell dresses now as COVID-19 restrictions will not allow Proms to occur, and consequently have a very limited budget for (or interest in) Prom 2021 dresses.

Additionally, the industry is facing a potentially bigger problem for Prom 2021 as the marketplace is overburdened with dresses that haven't been worn.
The concern is that juniors and sophomores will wear the dresses they purchased for Prom 2020 next year, and seniors will sell their unworn dresses to underclassmen…resulting in less dresses sold for both retailers and manufacturers in 2021.

There is, however, a timely solution… #PromPalooza2020, a national week-end “event” scheduled for July 24-26 promoted through manufacturers’ and retailers’ social platforms to excite and encourage Prom girls to wear their dresses on their own special prom day and celebration.

Tom Buchanan, owner of Bella Boutique, Knoxville,Tennessee, recently created the no-fee campaign #PromPalooza2020 and has received early commitments from a number of manufacturers and retailers excited about its possibilities.

"We must get dresses worn now and out of the marketplace,” Buchanan explained. “Prom Palooza 2020" is a weekend-long event where the prom-goer picks one of those days to create her own special prom with every detail except having the actual dance at the end of the day.

"There is no liability or expenses involved in this event, and there is no risk of it getting canceled or postponed. This is a way to celebrate for the high school customers nationwide who have been stripped of a pivotal life experience.“

There are no fees for stores and manufacturers to participate in #PromPalooza2020, and Prom Palooza 2020 social media graphics are also available at no charge.

An event summary, description, posting checklist and Prom Palooza 2020 graphics files are available to download here.
A press release is also being finalized to submit to local media.

“Promoting this event just might save some retailers from closing,” he added. “We hope to sell some dresses for this event now, but ultimately this campaign benefits all of us for next year’s sales.”

The key to this effort’s success relies on the industry working together and promoting Prom Palooza 2020 through their own social campaigns in the manner they do best… and to create a viral impact utilizing the #PromPalooza2020 on every post and platform.

“Our industry must work together," he explained. "We need manufacturers to encourage their stores to participate, we need the stores to encourage their customers to participate… and we need the prom girls to encourage their friends!

"When prom-goers see all of our industry promoting this event, they will be more likely to participate. And how cool will it be to see social media platforms filled with prom across the country that weekend?”

As of today, manufacturers and organizations supporting the campaign include Alyce Paris, Ashley Lauren, Blush, eStyleCentral, Faviana, House of Wu, International Prom Association, Jasz Couture, Jovani, La Femme, Madison James, Mon Cheri, MoriLee, Pageantry Magazine, Rachel Allan, Sherri Hill, Sydney’s Closet, and Vienna Prom.

Participation is simple and cost free... simply download the free materials, and include the Prom Palooza 2020 graphic in all posts with #PromPalooza2020!

For any additional questions about the campaign, contact Tom Buchanan,; or Peter Grimes, VOWS magazine,