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Tips for Temporarily Closing Your Store

The National Bridal Retailers Association released Tips for Temporarily Closing Your Store in an effort to help bridal stores facing closure due to the COVID_19 virus.

As written by Ann Campeau, association director and owner of Strut Bridal, Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ:



Before posting publicly, notify affected brides first!

-- Send appointment cancellation notices via text, email and/or phone. Make a list of cancelled brides to follow up with upon reopening.
-- Call brides with close wear dates whose gowns are in your store for alterations, pick ups or final steams. Get the gowns out of the store.

-- Block out your online scheduler.
-- Set out of office responder on email; designate someone to check it remotely and send them home with log on instructions.
-- Post notice on your website, FB and IG page. Change your hours on Yelp, FaceBook, Google, etc.
-- Update your voicemail; designate someone to check it remotely and send them home with instructions.
-- Post notice on your door with alternate contact information (phone/text and email).
-- Contact your UPS and FedEx hubs to hold packages and notify you. Stop your mail delivery to the store. Contact designers to hold shipments, if they will
---Lower your thermostat, take out garbage, empty fridge and set alarm.


-- Come up with alterations plan - can brides continue at your seamstress's home? Should they keep working on gowns or stop completely?
-- Come up with a plan for postponed weddings - will you store gowns longer than per your contracts? Will you offer free alterations rechecks? Will you extend your payment plans?
-- Know if/how you will compensate staff in advance of any orders to close and discuss it with them.
-- Decide if you will turn off or lower daily limits on advertising (Google, FB ads, etc) to minimize expenses while you are closed.


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