Sue Maslowski, second-generation owner of Jay West Bridal in Haddonfield, N.J., has been work- ing diligently the past several months on devel- oping an annual National Sample Sale Day, for the second weekend in July (tentatively set for July 9, 2016). . . and she’s received positive interest from a number of stores, as well as several manufacturers and the IBMA.

But she could use additional support in terms of volunteers willing to serve on advisory committees and to help fine- tune the program.

The basic concept is a simple and familiar one: a national sample sale to help drive brides into stores during one of the slowest cash-flow months of the year, with a goal of helping stores clear out their stock by moving excess, discontinued or shop- worn samples.

Similar to a Black Friday sale, this event would promote deep discounts on cash and carry items to appeal to a bud- get bride, or a consumer who might otherwise buy a cheap knockoff from some Internet site.

Though the response from a number of stores has been very positive, there are still plenty of details to be worked out including:

• what if any role manufacturers could have in providing discounted, discontinued merchandise; • the best approach to promoting this event on a national basis;

• whether the number of store participants should be lim- ited; • and what in-store support materials would be needed.

From our perspective, we are very supportive of this “day” for a number of reasons (not the least is the hope that this may help stores better control inventory), and we will help wherever we can.Your feedback is important and needed. To provide insights/thoughts/opinions. . . or to volunteer. . . call Sue Maslowski, 609-238-2511; or contact VOWS editorShannon Hurd,