The National Bridal Retailers Association (NBRA) recently achieved an important milestone in its development: the qualification as a 501 ©6 non-profit organization.

“This was an important step for the NBRA,” explained Robin Garrison, vice present, and owner of I Do Bridal in Seattle. “It legitimizes the association and provides immediate credi- bility for our goals and mission, as the non-profit designation re- quires complete transparency.”

Founded in 2018, its mission is to “consolidate the voices of all independent bridal store owners to effect change in our industry. NBRA will also work to strengthen the public image of shopping in brick-and-mortar bridal stores by providing edu- cation, services and support that encourages brides to visit their local bridal stores and in- creases the profitability of its members.”

Current membership dues are $99 per year.

True to its mission, the NBRA reached out to manufacturers in mid-October requesting that they support retailers on social media by:

• adding a line to product photo posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest that says, “Find this style in your local bridal store” or “Use our store locator to find an authorized re- tailer today”.

• request their retailers submit “real bride” photos and tag the store when posted, or repost images they have been tagged in.

“Our symbiotic partnership is under attack from companies that aim to cut out the brick- and-mortar business and, in some instances, the manufacturers, too.The goal of the National Bridal Retailers Association is to promote the brick-and-mortar bridal industry and our partners as providing the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience,” explained Ann Campeau, NBRA director and owner of Strut Bridal in Tempe, Ari., in a letter co-signed by Michelle Mueller, owner of Becker’s Bridal in Fowler, Mich.

New membership benefits were also announced, including free limited website reviews, discounted web design and Instagram engagement strategies (provided by longtime industry consultants Alan Berg and Brian Lawrence), as well as reduced rates for creating GoogleVirtual tours.

For additional information on joining the NBRA, visit