As the creative force behind Adornato Couture, Marie Adornato has made waves in the bridal and prom fashion industries with her private label designs adorning the racks of prestigious salons and capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. In October 2023, she expanded her reach with the launch of a ready-to-wear collection in Paris, showcasing her bold vision and impeccable craftsmanship. She has owned her bridal boutique, Adornato Couture, for 30 years, and is an adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Syracuse University.

We approached Marie to ask her about the direction and thought behind her private label Adornato Couture collection:

VOWS: Please explain what you see as the essence of an effective private label program for bridal boutiques.

Marie: I define a private label program as an holistic collaboration between the designer and retailer, including exclusive custom design and made-to-measure piece work. The focused, personal relationship between the designer and retailer is crucial for the designer to truly understand the needs of every retailer and their brides, which varies from store to store. Private label is more than simply creating an unadvertised brand, limited  "personalizations", or 3" front shorter options.

VOWS: Why is such a program significant for boutiques? For their brides?

Marie: A true private label program is significant for bridal retailers because it is at the micro market level where revenue is generated by understanding customizations the bride values as most important with her gown and overall experience. Private label offerings to stores should allow for made-to-measure, custom design, and healthy margin. This is incredibly significant for brides because a true private label allows the bride to create her vision of the perfect bridal gown without compromise. 

VOWS: How does Adornato Couture achieve these goals?

Marie: Adornato Couture creates meaningful relationships with bridal retailers to identify and create custom designs exclusive to their geographical market. Adornato Couture also understands that every relationship needs to be mutually beneficial. Retailers are never pressured into purchasing minimums every season, threatened to order by a certain date to avoid being dropped as a customer. 

Adornato Couture continually seeks to create value that translates into revenue for bridal stores. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than working past the vulnerabilities of a bridal retailer to create an exclusive blueprint for success. We create valuable marketing collateral with the top photographers and models in the bridal industry. I guess you could say that Adornato Couture is also your business coach. 

VOWS: You are not new to Bridal...please explain the factors/history/experience behind the decision and creation of this particular business model.

Marie: The decision to create the holistic private label business model came out of the desire for ultimate freedom to run my business and service my customers the Marie Adornato way. Every retail bridal store should have the same opportunity. My passion is to help them create that freedom for their own business. 

Customer intimacy is just as important at the B2B level than it is at the B2C level. For many stores, owners have boot strapped to ride waves of sales fluctuations. They have incredible financial commitment to their businesses. I respect and understand what it’s like to be a retailer because I’ve been one for 30 years.


Additional Details About Marie:
Marie Adornato, President of Spybaby Co. Inc., is a dynamic entrepreneur and fashion maven known for her innovative designs and unwavering dedication to her craft. She also coined the title of Capstone Queen of the Entrepreneurship Program at Syracuse University.

In her spare time, Marie indulges her curiosity with research in various topics and enjoys being a “mommager” to her Saddleseat champion daughter, photo-shoots with her model daughters, and talking college and food with her son. With her creativity, ambition, and unwavering determination, Marie continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams in the fashion industry and beyond.

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