On the near anniversary of Maggie Sottero Designs’ company-wide focus on sustainability and on reducing its environmental impact, the company reports its most recent formal efforts are showing positive results.

Announced at August markets, and formally during a press conference/webinar in September, the Maggie Sottero “LOVE and love for ALL – including Mother Earth” efforts include:

-a focus on waste reduction by “recycling everything possible, as efficiently as possible,” from bulk shipping waste to diverting stock from landfills;

-resource consumption as in supporting renewable power projects, reducing the company’s product impact through lower-impact fabrics, and by investing in a circular supply chain;

-the design and production of a capsule collection incorporating lower impact fibers of at least 50% recycled content such as outer-shell recycled polyester, recycled polyester inner linings, and yarn-dyed outer shell fabrics;

-supporting efforts to protect biodiversity global and locally.

 A key and popular component is its One Tree Planted program, in which a tree is planted for every Maggie Sottero Bride and sample gown purchased. A certificate is also provided every Maggie Sottero bride recognizing her positive impact.

“We started this journey over a year ago and it's been an all-hands on deck, company-wide effort,” explained Patty DeLaunay, Sustainability Director/Designer of Maggie Sottero Designs. “We've had some challenges, but we've also made significant progress on short-term and long-term projects.”

As an example of recent progress, DeLaunay pointed to over 3,000 pounds of plastic shipping waste diverted from landfills and into textile recycling programs and donation efforts, the planting of close to 8,0000 trees, and the completion of five biodiversity protection projects.

“The response from brides and retailers has been incredibly positive, above and beyond what we hoped for,” she added.  “Retailers love the One Tree Planted initiative, and they've reached out to ask how they can be a partner in change with us, even sharing their own sustainability efforts---for example, what they've been doing to reduce waste.”

To help its retailers support its initiatives, Maggie Sottero has also expanded the resources on its retailer portal to include sustainability resource guides, assets, marketing tips and videos.

"The viability of our future is predicated on us re-imagining all that we do,” explained CEO and Creative Director Kelly Midgley. “As a leader in bridal fashion, we have a responsibility to be the change agent for our stores, our brides, our family and community, and our planet. Systemic changes have and will continue to be made within Maggie, but we all must work together.”

In a letter to its stores and partners from Midgley and Maggie Sottero Designs founders Wayne and Lesley Webster, the urgency and significance of its initiatives were explained:

“Our love extends beyond bridal fashion, it embraces all facets of life, and today, we stand up for a love that's perhaps the most universal — a love for our magnificent Mother Earth. The current global circumstances call for a response led with commitment and foresight, and it's time to enhance our efforts significantly. We're endeavoring to infuse a future-focused perspective into all our processes, challenging our norms and laying the groundwork for an evolved sustainable future.”