Lately, we’ve been ramping up our social-media game, and part of that has involved spending more time browsing Facebook (oops, Meta), Instagram and many other sites out there.
   We’ve always stayed on top of what boutiques are doing, but with our increased focus on social media we’re taking special interest in studying what you’re posting online. Every day, we’re bombarded by a slew of gorgeous, creative and inspiring posts. We have the unique vantage point of being able to spot patterns, compare how different styles of posts perform and generally learn what gets the highest engagement (pun not intended) out there in the Wonderful World of Bridal.
   One of our cover stories, We See What You Did There (pg. 52 in our March/April issue), shares some of our favorite posts that any boutique can emulate (and many have). We hope you will find it inspiring on the days when you’re seeking something to post and helpful as you plan your annual calendar.
   And speaking of inspiring, make sure to check out She Walks Through Your Door. . . and Sees? (pg. 66, March/April). This highly visual piece details how 16 boutiques with very different aesthetics create amazing first impressions for their brides.
   You’ll notice that each boutique we included in this issue is listed here. That’s something we’ve been doing for awhile now as a thank you. However, this time we’ve added an additional aspect – Instagram handles so you can follow each other. VOWS is indeed following everyone on this list, and we encourage you to follow suit! There is so much we can learn from each other and so many cool ideas out there!
   Learning from each other is a big theme in this issue’s profile, Aurora Bridal in Melbourne, Fla. In fact, owner Cami Hester credits her relationship with other store owners, whom she calls her Bridal Best Friends, as one of the reasons her nearly 27-year-old boutique thrives. It was the advice of one of these friends that lead to Hester’s store undergoing an impressive makeover recently. See the results and read her inspiring story on pg. 110 (March/April 2022).
   In the meantime, make sure you’re following VOWS on Facebook and Instagram (@vowsmagazine)! Increasingly, we’re finding story ideas, sources and inspiration on these sites. If you ever have an idea or wish to contribute don’t hesitate to slip into our DMs!