EWedded, the marketplace bringing “circularity” to the wedding and social occasion industries, has announced that wedding gown and accessories designer Erin Cole is the first partner in its new re-commerce initiative, EnLiven.

 The two phase, full-service marketplace helps brands and retailers improve operational efficiencies and cash flow by assisting them in selling discontinued and stagnant, and surplus merchandise.

 “A big part of addressing the excess inventory problem that dominates our industry is to change our collective mindset from disposable to purposeful,” said EWedded CEO and founder Maya Holihan.

 “EWedded creates sustainable solutions for our sellers to increase cash flow and keep their products out of the global landfill by turning them into treasures that foster positive change. We’re thrilled that Erin is leading the way and opening the door for us to positively impact the industry and our world through EnLiven.”

 In the first phase of the EnLiven program, EWedded takes possession of surplus products and prepares them for sale on its direct to consumers platform in a limited edition offering. EWedded collaborates with the seller on pricing strategy, and executes styling and photography, customer support, data collection and order processing and shipping. The partnering company earns 40 percent commission on each transaction and is provided a dashboard with data insights to track sales and help make informed business decisions for future growth.

 The second phase includes what Holihan refers to as circularity and social impact measures. Merchandise that hasn’t sold after nine months on the marketplace will be deconstructed, re-imagined and remade into new products that will either be donated to charitable causes or resold on the marketplace.

 The redesign process is facilitated by a coalition of designers including Cole and offers an apprenticeship for students of design and an equity program for underserved communities and developing countries.

 To become an Enliven by EWedded partner or for further details on its marketplace, email shops@ewedded.com