Reach Out.

Don’t assume that because a bride had already purchased her dress and has not contacted you, she isn’t filled with anxiety and questions. Will it be delivered on time? How will alterations and fittings work?

Now’s the time to be proactive and reach out to each and every customer personally. Ask how she is doing, update her on the status of her gown and what (if any) changes you anticipate occurring. End this conversation by asking what, if any, questions she has for you. Explain that you want to keep the lines of communication open during this time, and provide a special phone number, e-mail address or other method of contact for her to use. Encourage her to use it whenever and however often she feels necessary. When you get a message, respond promptly and honestly.

In the meantime, direct her to your website/blog/social media where you’ll keep sharing valuable information. Do NOT stop posting informative content and marketing your boutique. Never before has communication been so essential.

The best businesses and smartest leaders are taking it upon themselves to quickly reach out to customers and guide them through this time. Being a leader will enhance that relationship. It’s not just comforting to the bride, it’s smart business.