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Coronavirus & Bridal

Look to this section and category for all updates and announcements regarding the effect of the COVID-19 virus on the bridal industry. Please email to be included in additional posts.

Six Tips For Taking Care of Yourself

During times of crisis, self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement.

Justin Alexander offering stores Direct to Bride option

Justin Alexander offers Direct to Bride for stores to fulfill orders direct to brides’ home.

House of Wu creates package of dating and custom services in response to COVID_19 impact on stores

House of Wu offers stores relief package

House of Wu releases relief package for stores

BridalLive is enabling all its customers the ability to receive online payments without charge.

BridalLive enabling stores to process customer payments at no cost

BridalLive enabling stores to receive online payments at no additional cost

ABPIA President Message

ABPIA statement regarding COVID-19 and industry

Best Practices to protect the Formalwear Industry Update due to Covid-19

Bridal Merchant Services Best Practices Update due to COVID-19

Tips for Temporarily Closing Your Store

The NBRA releases Tips for Temporarily Closing Your Store

Four Ways to Demonstrate Leadership During a Time of Crisis

You can make the difference between your boutique’s surviving/thriving or closing its doors.

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