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Peter Grimes, Publisher and founder of VOWS MagazineHis comments are presented in each issue's Publisher's Note, and often address industry issues and pertinent news of the day. He can be reached at 949 388 4848 or via email

Dark cloud of COVID... Finally lifting?

Judging from the attitudes, attendance and activity at last month’s Bridal Pop-Up events, the dark cloud hanging over us this long winter of COVID is finally lifting.


A Glimmer of Activity Shows Promise

Though we still have a ways to go to get back to pre-COVID sales volume numbers, we are seeing a glimmer of activ- ity nationally that seems to speak of a potentially fuller rebound by June. Granted, ...

Upcoming Season Looking Strong

Engagement Season Looking Strong

Have faith in your abilities...

Have faith in your abilities and your heart. We do.

Weather the storm

The cancellation and postponement of Bridal Markets is a stark reminder that to best weather this storm, we need to continue to support one another

As if bridal isn't difficult enough

As if bridal retail isn’t difficult enough what with the speed of changing bride demographics and shopping preferences; the ongoing and very visible financial struggles of David’s Bridal ...

Extend the "Experience" Through to Follow Up

The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive.

Stores tell their stories to contrast with David's Bridal

Stores are working towards countering the negative press about the turmoil at David's Bridal by blogging and posting links to the news stories, and by contrasting their stories with that of ...

David's Bridal's struggles continue... independents can take advantage

In case you missed it… David’s Bridal missed an interest payment due on $270 million in unsecured notes, according to an article posted yesterday by RetailDive. You can read it here: davids ...

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