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Cover Focus

The Outdoor Experience at Tulle Bridal is a popular alternative for customers rather than shopping indoors.

Socially Distanced Layouts

Six creative ways boutiques are reconfiguring space in the COVID era.

Staff members and brides wearing masks became commonplace this spring. The practice is likely to stick at many bridal shops around the U.S. until a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes readily available. (Courtesy of Country Bridals & Formal Wear)

Evolving Appointments

In the new normal, bridal appointments are likely to look a bit different.

Making an Impact in Your Community

Five retailers who have found purpose and joy through giving back.

Secrets to Social-Media Success

10 tried-and-true tips for increasing your organic reach.

Parlors have long been used for family occasions, including weddings, and Uptown Bridal & Boutique s sitting parlor allows a bride and her guests to gather in a cozy space before the beginning of the group s private appointment.

The Art of the Brand Story

It's a compelling way to inspire and resonate with consumers.

Brand It!

Six ways to imprint your message
inside the store and out.

Going Omnichannel

The perks and perils of adopting a brick-and-click approach.

Lighting and design combine for eye-pleasing bridal viewing areas at Gateway Bridal and Prom in Salt Lake City. Photo credit: Rebekah Westover

Common Sense

Engage brides’ five senses to elevate the shopping experience.

Changing Face of Retail

The landscape is shifting but bridal salons
are better positioned than most.

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