Arthur Udell, patriarch of Morilee and the business visionary, trend setter and guiding force for the industry leading bridal and formal wear manufacturing firm, passed away on December 30th, 2021, at age 93 with his beloved wife of 70 years, Evlynn, by his side.

Industry peers, competitors, and stores noted his passing with words of appreciation for the significant impact he had on and in their personal and business lives.
Throughout his 60+ year tenure at Morilee, in which he successful grew the company from a small family business into a leading global brand, he remained dedicated to the importance of building and maintaining personal and business relationships while focused on Morilee's mission of creating beautiful dresses for all women.

His genuine and gregarious style was a trademark that endeared him to all. And in many ways was a patriarch of an entire industry.

"Arthur was the true patriarch of Morilee as well as a father figure to so many of us that have grown up with him in our business,” wrote Madeline Gardner, Morilee VP of design and Creative Director, in her eulogy for Arthur.

“Arthur was always so generous, understanding, philanthropic, charitable and encouraging. He supported us all every day with a smile or a joke that made everything feel okay,” she added. “There have been so many lessons learned from him throughout the years that are priceless. His wisdom, huge heart and irreplaceable personality will be missed by all and forever cherished. “

Arthur grew up on the Upper West Side and graduated from NYU at the precocious age of 19. He later moved to Atlantic Beach, Long Island with his family where he served as the President of the Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach, following in the footsteps of his father, Lester Udell z”l, former president of West Side Institutional Synagogue.

Arthur worked until his early 90s as a salesperson and partner at Morilee Bridal; nobody could sell a dress like Arthur.

Away from Morilee, he enjoyed watching the Mets, playing gin rummy, traveling with his wife, and spending time with his two children, Amy and Mitchell, and five grandkids Eli, Ilana, Andrew, Willie, and Jacob. 

He is survived by his loving family. Mrs. Evelyn Udell, Mitchell and Patricia Udell. His grandchildren, Jacob, William, Andrew, Ilana and Elie. Along with his surviving sister, Maxine.