Addy Kestenband, President and second generation of EddyK Bridal, sees positive aspects resulting from COVID, including that “love is not cancelled!”

His comments are below and part of VOWS’ series of Q&A interviews with designers and brands on their perspective on the future of bridal post COVID.

VOWS: How would you describe the impact Covid-19 is having on bridal design?

Addy Kestenband: At the moment it is too early to tell, we still see many different kinds of brides who are looking at various styles. Fortunately, as we have seen over the past few months, love is not cancelled. Brides are still finding unique and creative ways to make their big days happen, and thankfully it seems that the dress is a non-negotiable factor in planning.

VOWS: What trends have you identified, and are addressing in EddyK's 2021 collections?

Addy Kestenband: Lots of lace and lots of sparkle! We are catering to every bride with a variety of carefully curated pieces.  We’re including more understated and timeless pieces for the simple backyard wedding, as well as more high end designs and sparkle for the brides who want the ultimate dress of their dreams.

VOWS: How has Covid-19 impacted the operation side of EddyK's... and what's your strategy for dealing with a potential long term disruption?

Addy Kestenband: In terms of operations, it can be challenging at times to plan accordingly, considering the situation changes daily in different parts of the world. However, we are committed to staying consistent and focused, in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We are emphasizing the value of working together as a team and making sure all our bases are covered in terms of making ourselves available as a lifeline to our clients.

VOWS: What is your forecast for the bridal and formal industry for Spring 2021 and beyond?

Addy Kestenband: We are really excited, as are majority of people are anxious to return to normal life. We are all looking for things to celebrate with our loved ones. A wedding is the ultimate celebration!

Do you think there are positives aspects for our industry that have come about due to COVID-19...and if so, what are they?

Addy Kestenband: It is important to remember that even in crisis we often see caring and collaboration fully come to fruition. People have had no choice but to become more resourceful and work together, ultimately strengthening relationships Stores have more controlled appointments with more serious buyers are the first that come to mind.