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VOWS magazine is dedicated to providing each issue in all formats subscribers ask for... which includes a digital companion to the long requested print edition.

The Digital Edition of Vows Magazine has everything the print offers, plus enables subscribers to click through to editorial and advertisers' links, forward a link to others, save an article, page or entire edition, and flip through it as if reading the physical edition.

Each digital edition is posted after the print edition is released.

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Digital Edition -VOWS Nov Dec 17

Promise of Social Media...Without the Frustrations! Plus... Stores impacted by hurricanes share their stories.    

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Digital Edition -VOWS Sept October 17

Engage all her senses! Create the total experience to drive the sale Plus: 7 tips to upsell effectively THIS ISSUE'S RETAIL STANDOUT: BRIDAL AND FORMAL BOUTIQUE/HOUSE OF TUXGulfport, Miss.

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Digital Edition - July August 17

Changing Face of Retail... is bridal better positioned than most? Plus: What to expect when Prom girls become brides... 4 tips to ignite word-of-mouth marketing!    

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Digital Edition - May June 17

Insta-Awareness... new Instagram features make connecting with brides easier than ever! Plus: Beautiful Bridal Backs!! Staying Engaged On The Job... and In Life Transform your space with lights and ...

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Digital Edition - March April 17

Appointments? Secrets to Facebook success? Tips for making social media work for you?  Those answers and more in the March/April edition of VOWS magazine!  

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Digital Edition - Jan February 17

This issue focuses on the main question of the day: Who are the Millennials and what do we know about them?ALSO... a discussion on the state of Marriage... and 10 tips for doing Social right.

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Digital Edition - November December 2016

Industry survey results: Your thoughts on business and industry! PLUS: Nurture those relationships... with customers and coworkers

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Digital Edition - September October 2016

Getting their attention: 10 social-media posts your brides can't ignore!...PLUS Document and promote her "yes" moment...AND JJ Kelly... where true love meets true luxury... 

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Digital Edition - July August 2016

Your Online Reach: Be more "likeable" to stay connected... Increase the Impact of Facebook Ads... and Perfecting Prom Merchandising!  

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Digital Edition - May June 2016

Social Media Overload? Fun Bridal Facts! Managing Emotions! And more...

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