Cover Focus

Going Omnichannel

The perks and perils of adopting a brick-and-click approach.

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Lighting and design combine for eye-pleasing bridal viewing areas at Gateway Bridal and Prom in Salt Lake City. Photo credit: Rebekah Westover

Common Sense

Engage brides’ five senses to elevate the shopping experience.

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Changing Face of Retail

The landscape is shifting but bridal salons
are better positioned than most.

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Engage Your Brides

Ten types of social-media posts that capture attention.

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8 Ways To Be More Likeable Online

Be yourself, be prompt, be professional.

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Make Paid Ads Pay Off

Ten tips to maximize Facebook advertising opportunities.

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Connections Count

LinkedIn and Google+ offer many benefits to bridal retailers.

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Social Media Overload

#TheStruggleIsReal. Five ways to combat it.

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Should You Snapchat?

It makes sense if you’re selling to a certain demographic.

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