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Weddings Beautiful offers education course for retailers

    Combining in-house wedding planning with bridal apparel sales is a natural fit for bridal retailers and a welcomed addition by customers. Just as brides appreciate experts advising them in flattering styles, they also appreciate a warm body (in lieu of some online advisor) who can guide their planning journey. As DIY coordinators pop up (and frequently fail due to lack of experience), the planners that have credibility are those with certification.

It’s critical that prior to “hanging out your shingle,” you’ve done your homework and can speak with knowledge, said Michael J. Nolte, owner of Nolte’s Bridal in Kansas City and Vice President of the National Bridal Service. The program, “Weddings Beautiful,” a division of National Bridal Service, is a confidence-building and educational course that has been developed by veteran wedding coordinators with plenty of experience in the trenches.

Weddings Beautiful offers students the unique privilege of being able to communicate with a live instructor. The assignments are graded individually and feedback provided by the instructor. Brides feel an increased level of ownership when they re-enter their salon and are known by first name and the staff has a working knowledge of all facets of the wedding beyond just the dress, Nolte said.

Brides love being able to coordinate their colors, flowers, stationary, gowns, and theme…all at one place via the suggestions of a certified wedding planner. “As both a retailer and wedding planner for 36 years, I have found that the brides who trust us the most with providing both gowns and coordinating services are our happiest clients and write the most glowing reviews,” Nolte said. Visit to enroll or call 804-342-6061 for more information.

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