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Careful what you post


Words have a life of their own… and a consequence…especially online.

Not exactly news, but I was reminded recently about this fact of contemporary life with its tweets, posts, blog reviews, yelp responses and text exchanges.

At VOWS we continually struggle with deciding what industry news produced for the magazine should be posted to We are particularly aware of how intrepid today’s bride is at tracking down information during her gown search and buying experience, and consequently nix any images or coverage that includes details of importance to you, but that send the wrong message to the bride, such as wholesale price points, discussion of customer service policies, margins, etc.

Because of this sensitivity, we don’t post as often as we could, preferring to keep industry details out of the permanence of the web.

So here's my reminder:

Assume that what you post, tweet, text, SnapChat, like, share, etc., will be viewed by other than your intended audience, and will live much longer than that moment when you decided to post… and that your words have consequences, especially with hyper-sensitive brides.



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