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New invention solves women's Shapewear bathroom dilemma

Shapewear, namely Spanx, can be a woman’s best friend when it comes to looking and feeling her best on her wedding or prom day 

There’s just one problem: While wearing the slimming garments it’s extremely hard to use the restroom. Many women express frustration with the built in “pee hole” that often lures them into peeing on their shapewear. Others shimmy in and out of their dress and shapewear each time they need to relieve themselves, emerging from the restroom sweaty and disheveled.

Enter peeLUX. peeLUX was invented by Tracy Bech who, after wearing shapewear day and night for weeks as a recovery method from abdominal surgery, became frustrated with the dysfunctional “pee hole.”

peeLUX’s beauty is in its simplicity. It’s extremely easy to use. It is portable, lightweight and comes with a waterproof zippered pouch. It’s compatible with any shapewear that has an elasticized crotch opening.

“Women wear Spanx to feel powerful, and to completely embody their confidence. They spend countless hours and dollars to ensure their wedding day or prom night is perfect. They fully own that day. Now they own the bathroom, too,” Bech says.

peeLUX is available December 2017 to retailers. It comes in magenta with a matte black or shiny bridal white waterproof pouch. Both are accented with a gold zipper robin’s egg blue lining. Pricing: $29.99

For more information or to place an order, contact Tracy Bech - 541-490-5167,,

Instagram & Facebook: @mypeelux

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