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Modeca launching in U.S.

Dutch bridal company Modeca is launching in the U.S.
Dutch bridal company Modeca is launching in the U.S.

    Modeca, a Dutch bridal company with retailers in more than 45 countries, is in the process of launching in the U.S.  
    “It’s an exciting year for us since in addition to celebrating our 70th year in business, we are now expanding to the U.S. market,” according to Dick Van Zutphen, director of Modeca Europe.  
Modeca has two collections, which the company describes as the original and classic Modeca Collection, and the newer, more sophisticated Le Papillon by Modeca.
    Both collections are value-priced, especially considering the high-end construction, the company said. \ 
    “The Dutch design team has managed to infuse both collections with a simplicity and elegance that so far U.S. buyers are loving,” remarked Christianne Brunelle, director of Modeca America. “The unique look paired with our store-friendly policies are making for a very successful launch.”


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