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Utilize the Maggie Retailer Portal for updates and orders

Maggie Sottero Designs’ Retailer Portal facilitates easy access to check inventory, order dresses, and be the first to get the latest updates on all things Maggie.

Retailers can provide brides with the most current and accurate information by utilizing the 24-7 web access.

“It is clear that our most successful stores are utilizing the portal on a daily basis,” a Maggie Sottero spokesperson said.

Tina Minshall, general manager of Bridal and Formal, added, “the Maggie Sottero Retailer Portal is simply amazing! We use it every day. The ability to check stock online is essential in today’s selling environment. Having access to real time information, especially on the weekends, can make or break a sale.”

Retailers can also increase their Maggie knowledge on the latest and greatest by checking out the company’s weekly updates and monthly training videos via the Retailer Portal.



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