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David's Bridal casualty of excess; local bridal stores thrive in its shadow

The latest financial news regarding David’s Bridal filing for bankruptcy and the chain’s uncertain future is not indicative of the health and stability of independent bridal retail.

Rather it’s a stark example of over-leveraged big box national chain stores failing partially due to their complicated, volatile financial arrangements and inability to provide customers with the personalized, local shopping experience they crave.

Today’s consumers increasingly shop locally in retail stores that provide a personalized, enjoyable shopping experience with curated product lines, supported by knowledgeable stylists in physical brick-and-click environments deeply invested in their local communities… essentially an experience at the very core of independent bridal retail.

These stores are extremely stable, owned by people who put their heart and soul into their businesses. They can be trusted with every aspect of the wedding garments and ceremony, and are heavily invested in making sure each and every customer has an amazing shopping experience from beginning to end.

This is why chains such as David’s Bridal, Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears and K-Mart are so obviously struggling, yet independently owned stores are not, proven by the recent report from the International Council of Shopping Centers stating that last year alone saw more store openings than closures.

Granted, retail across all product categories is evolving, as it adapts to changes in the marketplace and meeting expectations of today’s customer. And increasingly it is the locally owned store - stable, knowledgeable, trusted and heavily invested in its local community - that is having the most success in doing so.



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