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Hangers Direct offers bridal-specific collection

    Hangers Direct bridal hanger collection includes a variety of options ranging from economical plastic hangers to custom wood hangers. It is designed to appeal to all wedding professionals’ needs – from the hangers given away with gowns, to hangers that complement their presentation.
    “Hangers Direct has rewritten the definition of suitable hangers for the bridal industry,” said Kurt Lemke, president. “We heard your needs and went to the drawing board to develop hangers and features to address your specific issues.”
    Tired of hooks pulling out due to the weight of heavy gowns? Hangers Direct has custom-designed a new line of hangers with a special “countersunk” hook designed never to pull out of the hanger, ensuring expensive garments won’t fall to the floor.
    The company has also developed a new type of notch that holds gown straps more securely in place on the hanger. There are other non-slip functions such as flocking and rubber strips on some hangers, which have been designed to delicately keep special garments attractively displayed.
    Additionally, Hangers Direct has printing and engraving capabilities at its Tennessee distribution facility, and offers a full line of customization and branding solutions. There is also a complete line of petite and oversized hangers designed to hang and present garments too large or small for standard hangers.
    Retailers can order as many or as few hangers as needed – from 25 to 2,500 or more. Hangers Direct maintains stock of popular styles, so hangers can be shipped in a matter of days.
    Hangers range from $0.40 to $8 each, depending on features, material, shape and functionality. The company is currently waiving its standard $100 custom logo setup fee for all branded hangers ordered prior to the National Bridal Market in September.
    Visit, call 800-921-1181 or e-mail



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