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Bridal Web Solutions

Phone: (519) 434-8078

Address: 221 Wharncliffe Rd. S
London, ON N6J2L2


Collection(s): Bridal Web Solutions
Categories: Services. Web-based bridal, prom and tuxedo store-management system.

"Point of Sales and Customer Management:Our fast and efficient invoicing and customer management features can be recalled quickly.
Ordering Department: Centralized BWS ordering center helps save you time and ensures a hassle free experience.
Inventory Management: Determine profitability by viewing top selling size, colours, products and suppliers. BWS is barcode compatible to ensure error free inventory.
Prom Event Tracking: Keeping track of styles sold to each event has never been easier! Reports and invoicing alerts will ensure no duplicated styles and colours are sold to the same event.
Reporting: Analyzing and accessing reports so fast and accurate. Have the knowledge at your fingertips to make educated decisions.
Computerized Appointment Book: Customize the appointment settings to have what you want - when you want it! Linked with your customers file, the appointment book allows you to track appointments from start to finish."


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