Dessy adds tablet kiosk to partner program

The Dessy Group continues to evolve its store e-commerce Shopify partner program with an expanded national store locator, updated locally targeted Facebook ads for each partner store, and the limited launch of an in-store tablet-based kiosk program.

Dessy’s Shopify program enables stores to sell Dessy bridesmaids to the online shopper through an e-commerce website customized to the partner store, hosted by Dessy, which also provides all pre- and post-sale service to the bridesmaid, and returns all proceeds after costs to the store originating the sale.

Dessy’s kiosk program, currently in initial release to a select group of partner stores, includes a tablet configured to only display the store’s Shopify Partner Store site, which is affixed to a countertop kiosk and accompanied by signage promoting the use of the kiosk to browse and shop the online store.

The goal is to help promote a partner’s online store to its in-store customer to further bridge the gap between the online and offline world.

In addition Dessy recently wrapped up its spring photo shoot and is making all image assets available to partners to use in e-mail blasts, online ads, and social-media posts, as well as creating updated banner ads for partner stores’ Shopify web pages.

“We are also excited to announce that Shopify has integrated a sales channel for both Instagram and Facebook into its e-commerce platform,” said Alan Dessy, president and CEO of The Dessy Group. “What this means for our partner stores is that they can now sell products from their online store directly on their Instagram and Facebook pages.” 

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