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Deadline nears for National Bridal Sale Event

Mark your calendar: June 30 is cutoff to sign up for this year's National Bridal Sale Event

On July 21, 2018, National Bridal Sale Event returns for its third year. The holiday, which began in 2016 as a way for bridal salons to get rid of excess inventory while highlighting the benefits of shopping independent, has exploded into a prestigious industry wide event that receives nationwide support and is listed in the Chase’s Calendar of Events.

This year, several changes have been implemented with the goal of fine-tuning NBSE, tightening up policies and proactively helping retailers year-round, according to Founder Sue Maslowski. For starters, the rate to participate has gone up from $35 to $50 per store. This is due to larger expenses being incurred, like incorporating NBSE as a non-profit group.

All corporate sponsors have remained and the NBSE team is working with media sponsors to possibly offer some co-op advertising packages. In terms of policies, there will be a strict cutoff date of June 1 to sign up for NBSE. This is to ensure stores obtain the necessary press kits to advertise properly, and that they benefit from all of the gratis coverage given by the event’s service providers, Maslowski says.

Finally, NBSE staff will create an ongoing blog on its website using videos to inform brides of helpful tips and design trends other than sale info. This will make the website active 24/7 instead of dormant 10 months of the year. Overall, this year’s goal is to recruit more than 1,200 stores to participate (561 had signed up as of VOWS’ press time).

To ensure success, Maslowski requests NBSE participants do three things:

1. Sign up on the NBSE private Facebook group to keep abreast of events as they unfold. It's also a great way to keep in touch with fellow retailers who are participating (Search “National Bridal Sale Day” under groups).

2. Link your website to to push up the event’s SEO.

3.Advertise locally. Even though NBSE will secure a gratis advertising package of more than $75,000, stores cannot depend on that alone to drive brides to their stores. You must also advertise!



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