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Coronavirus & Bridal

Look to this section and category for all updates and announcements regarding the effect of the COVID-19 virus on the bridal industry. Please email to be included in additional posts. abruptly closes; cites COVID as cause ceases operations and closes its five corporate stores, impacting approximately 3,500+ maids and brides 

Tim McKee, president, BridalLive.

BridalLive Tipping option resonating with brides, stylists

Q&A with BridalLive President Tim McKee on the success of its Stylist Tipping option

The Outdoor Experience at Tulle Bridal is a popular alternative for customers rather than shopping indoors.

Socially Distanced Layouts

Six creative ways boutiques are reconfiguring space in the COVID era.

Tips to maximize visual merchandising during COVID

Suggestions for maximizing visual merchandising but also to efficiently keep the possibility of spreading germs to a minimum... from WW Displays.

David Marquardt discusses Amelishan Bridals' Covid safety plan

David Marquardt, second generation owner of Amelishan Bridal in Richfield, WI, speaks about the details of his extensive COVID-19 customer and employee plan..

Chicago launches The Studio to replace in-person market

In lieu of its Spring 2021 in-person trade show, which was scheduled for August 2020 but canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, The National Bridal Market Chicago has launched a no-cost interactive platform for Buyers and Exhibitors to connect.

Social Media tips for this time

A robust presence is always important, but in the age of COVID-19, with people spending record amounts of time online, it’s extra crucial. Here are some best-practice tips...

Staff members and brides wearing masks became commonplace this spring. The practice is likely to stick at many bridal shops around the U.S. until a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes readily available. (Courtesy of Country Bridals & Formal Wear)

Evolving Appointments

In the new normal, bridal appointments are likely to look a bit different.

A Message of Concern and Hope

This year has been rough but brighter days are ahead!

NBRA offers free membership; provides webinar recording on selling as incentive

The NBRA launches new cost free membership; offers webinar recording on selling as incentive

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