CIFD launches as one-stop platform for fashion Designers

Beth Sobol, with more than 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, and founder of Miami Fashion Week has launched The Council of International Fashion Designers (CIFD). The first of its kind for the fashion industry, the CIFD platform provides a direct link to experts, information, and resources to help emerging brands succeed in the United States and global markets.

The CIFD is a one-stop shop for designers seeking advice and guidance in positioning their businesses for growth in a complex domestic and international fashion market. Among the many benefits, CIFD members will have access to the industries top experts to help them navigate through the critical stages and challenges facing designers and to help them sustain in today’s digital and disruptive market.

The CIFD, together with Bamboo Rose, provider of the product innovation platform that connects retail communities, have collaborated to create the Bamboo Rose “House of Fashion”, a virtual showroom providing CIFD members with access to global buyers and resources never before possible for an emerging brand.

Kim Claridy has joined CIFD as the Global Membership Director and will ignite designers to jump into their digital Bamboo Rose virtual showroom empowering them to work smarter, get products to market faster, and socially manage buyers and suppliers wherever they are in the world.

As a founding member of, Claridy is a veteran online and bridal-fashion influencer helping designers get results in both the B2B and B2C climates. Claridy knows all spheres of the industry; including online and retail strategies, advertising and sales, and brand promotion. During her position as Business Manager of The Knot’s COUTURE, Claridy continuously advocated the show’s openness to new ideas that was essential in connecting designers and buyers before, during, and after the marketplace. 

“Designers and brands today are under more pressure to innovate and reach wider markets than ever before. The traditional approach to developing products and reaching buyers doesn’t cut it,” said Sue Welch, CEO of Bamboo Rose. “Designers, retailers and brands need new ways to reach international buyers and quickly receive feedback on their product for their particular markets. The Bamboo Rose House of Fashion provides a unique online community that connects CIFD designers with international retail buyers to ultimately give consumers a more appealing, high quality product.”

CIFD members will have access to a dream team of experts and resources in many phases of retail strategies, fashion law, factoring and finance, branding, social media strategies, e-Commerce, technology in fashion, trends forecasting, international trade assistance, and much more. “Beth has spent the last two years working diligently to assemble her team of advisers for this much-needed service said Aaron Perry,” Beth's former business partner with Miami Fashion Week and a shareholder in the CIFD. 

“Today’s designers need to be smarter about and more aware of the changing consumer shopping habits than ever before.  These monumental changes have precipitated a need for different methods of financing businesses.  E-commerce plays a greater and greater role in brand building and it thereby requires a different approach to capital needs and allocations. Wholesale channels of distribution are also morphing daily.  The more informed small business owners are, the better prepared they will be to find a path to growth and profitability in this new environment.  I look forward to providing insights and financing opportunities through the CIFD to its membership,” said Gary A. Wassner, CEO, Principal, Hilldun Corporation, and shareholder in the CIFD.

Membership in the CIFD is open to emerging apparel, accessories, textiles and home décor designers and brands around the world in women’s wear, men’s wear, lingerie, swimwear, athleisure, jewelry, shoes, and handbags, as well as textiles, and home accessories and décor, fashion retailers, international trade offices, empowerment foundations, fashion councils and related industry professionals.

To learn more about the Council of International Fashion Designers (CIFD), visit or follow @cifdinc on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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