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Body Hush aims to provide a better investment for stores

Body Hush has created a fresh take to the essence of shapewear, concentrating on a comfortable fit and the use of Lycra Beauty as its base fabric, which in addition to performance is soft to sensitive skin, breathable and provides effective recovery.

“At Body Hush, we camouflaged the ugly of shapewear to look and feel like beautiful lingerie,” said Sally Smith, representative of the company. “We raised the bar in appealing compression garments by using satin fabrics and luxurious laces that would make a woman feel glamorous and sexy.”

Smith continued, “A lot of compression garments simply compress the entire body to make it look slimmer. At Body Hush, we designed strategically placed panels on key areas of the body that control the areas of the body that need it the most while emphasizing others. It complements and flatters a woman’s body!”

Body Hush shapewear is presented in unique and contemporary packaging, which includes hangers to enhance the visibility of Body Hush in stores, to provide a high level of customer experience, and to generate a higher inventory turnover, according to Smith.

Body Hush also offers a variety of account services, including a full range of high-touch services and education, and does not support mass-market or discounted retailers.



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