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ABPIA provides info for Senate hearing on counterfeiting

The ABPIA (American Bridal and Prom Industry Association) assisted US Senator Menendez, chairman, and members of the Senate Finance Committee, recently during hearings on “Protecting E-commerce Consumers from Counterfeits” held in March.

The Association assisted by provided information that helped in the formation of these questions and other background information utilized by the Committee Members and Staff.

In the past, the Committee has put language in the act that reauthorized Customs Spending that mandated that the U.S. Government examine how counterfeit products are illegally shipped into the United States. 

The United States Trade Representative conducted an investigation and had a committee process in which the ABPIA participated by providing detailed testimony.

The input provided by the ABPIA was highlighted in the text of the Investigation’s findings.

“It was important to the ABPIA that we provided an opportunity to discuss some of the issues facing our industry, including the rampant theft of our members’ intellectual property. I am proud the ABPIA, its Executive Committee, Attorney and lobbyist that played a role in helping the USTR as it conducted this important and long-overdue investigation,” said ABPIA President Steve Lang. 

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