Store owner Chapman offering educational series for stores

Beth Chapman, stylist, author of The White Dress in Color, and owner of The White Dress by the shore, is set to release an educational video series for bridal store owners created in order to elevate their brand, level of service, and sales.

The Series focuses on the most efficient way to run a bridal store and includes segments on creating a business plan, developing marketing strategies, hiring and retaining staff, and developing consistent procedures that will free up the store owner's time. It also contains training segments for store associates on creating a delighting client experience, product knowledge, and selling techniques.

The idea for the series blossomed out of Chapman’s desire to elevate the industry, “There is so much competition these days. Large retailers have joined the ‘bridal game’ and it is tough for small independent bridal retailers to compete. The way that we can succeed, and survive, is by getting back to basics. We need to provide a consistent, exceptional experience for our brides. In order to do that, our associates need to be educated and viewed by our clients as experts. Our goal should be to create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and gives the bride a reason to not only want to shop with us, but buy with us!” 

Beth Chapman, owner, The White Dress by the Shore

Chapman has extensive experience in the retail industry. Prior to opening her bridal boutique The White Dress by the shore in 2004, she spent a decade in Ann Taylor’s corporate office, where an appreciation for the client and a keen desire for exceptional customer service were instilled in her. This is a concept that she has carried through to her thriving bridal business today. Notes Chapman, “Through this series of videos, I intend to show bridal store owners how to put the customer first and run their business smoothly, in order to lead to happy clients, happy associates, and profits! I am passionate about the bridal industry. My goal is to reach as many bridal store owners as possible, and in doing so, help to elevate our industry as a whole. As small, independent bridal merchants, we need to set ourselves apart as experts and create a positive and memorable experience for our brides.”

Prior to launch, Chapman is conducting a FREE live webinar: Increase Your Bridal Store Sales: Social Media + Marketing Strategies June 6th at 1 pm, EST and June 7th at 7:30 pm, EST. All webinar attendees will receive a special discount off of the purchase of The Series before the official launch date, as well as exclusive bonus resources.

The series of 8 videos will be available for download from on June 8th for $299. Those who purchase will also receive a complimentary video entitled, Demystifying the Styled Shoot, as well as The Series notes that can easily become the basis for a stores training manual. Also available for download from for a nominal fee, are the following resources: bridal store business plan outline, employee handbook outline, procedures manual outline, and employee self-evaluation form.

Contact: Beth Chapman, 104 East Main Street, Clinton, Connecticut 06413


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